Going Bananas: Chiquita Launches New Snapchat Filters


This episode of business wars daily is brought to you by zero to show a brand new podcast from octa. Every successful entrepreneur follows a different path. Learn how to forge your own by listening two zero two zero wherever you get your podcasts. From one I'm David Brown. And this is business wars daily. It's friday. And that means it's time for dancing bananas. We like to think receives about business here, but we couldn't help but chuckle over the campaign Chiquita is rolling out to celebrate world banana day, which is next Wednesday April seventeenth the one hundred fifty year old banana producers been moving swiftly into the twenty first century embracing both Snapchat and augmented reality in its efforts to get teens and young adults to eat more of America's most popular fruit through the end of may the blue sticker on Chiquita's bananas. We'll be adorned with one of three Snapchat snap codes for you, Snapchat, novices out there that means if you have Snapchat on your phone, you can scan the sticker in one of three augmented reality scenarios will play out, according to the company one Lynn's will turn you into a dancing banana character on Snapchat. Another transforms your. Face into Chiquita banana and third game. Fide? Snapchat, lens invites you to catch falling bananas to score points. Sure. It's silly. But the campaign which will appear on two hundred million bananas underscores a couple of trends one is that marketings becoming more and more interactive. But more accompany can get you to engage with something. Instead of just looking at it, the more interest in loyalty, you might feel at least that's the idea and snap Chatters share their activities widely meaning campaigns like this have the potential to create huge ripple effects on social media tiny banana, stickers that turns out our huge business that you keep us nap chat campaign rivals Dole's current heroic effort dole began piggybacking off the captain marvel movie release in March stickers on millions of it's bananas depict comic book and real life heroes, including women farmers anti-hunger activists and more through the end of may like Chiquita the does. Promotion, which includes recipes inspired by comic book. Superheroes. Intended to get shoppers to spread the word through social media peo- back these playful promotional campaigns. And there's a lot of steak. Both companies are vying for the growing organic market, and though the sweet fruit is easy to sell. Neither rival wants to let their produce lose the spot of top banana. I'm wondering this is business wars daily. This week's episodes were written edited and produced by lane Appleton brand Emma Cortlandt is our editor and producer. Our executive producer is Marshall Louis created by or non Lopez for wondering, I'm David Brown. See next week. Business wars daily is brought to you by zero to PO a brand new podcast from octa a lot of startup stories. Just focus on the big wins. But being an entrepreneur is hard, and it can be lonely. If all you ever hear about his others, crushing it in zero to IPO, you'll hear about the different stages of business growth, and the blood, sweat, and tears. It took for some of the world's most successful. Entrepreneurs to get where they are today. People like VC's, Mark, Andrew Jackson, and Ben Horowitz, and Netflix is Patty mcchord zero IPO is hosted by Frederick Carris co-founder of octa and Joshua Davis, contributing editor at wired the conversations they have are candid and the learnings are invaluable. You can listen to zero to wherever you get your podcasts.

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