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This song here along with others by the English beats general public wouldn't that take it takes me back to a certain time in my life living in Chico. Having a great time eighty s. This was some of the eighties music that I really really light. Can I say it was a fan of all eighty s music? Absolutely not. That's the same for every decade, of course. But this guy you're listening to right. Here's ranking Roger. When I look back to the. Eighties. And a lot of the songs came out in the eighties. I really liked the English beat which is fragmented. And then it went the general public ranking Rogers part of the general public. He's died at the age of fifty six. So now, we look at this. Here's a great voice. Really enjoyed this guy's music or their music and fifty six years old and just a couple of months ago. Mark Hollis who is the lead singer for talk talk, which was another band. I really liked in the eighties. He also passed on was very sad to see this ranking Roger. Roger showery. The VO vocalists for the beat or the English beat as I knew him. General public has died at fifty six died today at his home surrounded by his family. They said that he fought and fought and fought he was a fighter. Sadly passed away. A few hours ago peacefully says his family.

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