U.S. transportation chief seeks audit of Boeing 737 MAX certification


Transportation secretary, Elaine Chao has asked her department's inspector general to conduct a formal audit of the certification process for the Boeing seven thirty-seven backs eight airplane. Mike slack is aviation. Attorney licensed pilots and a former NASA engineer the fact now that the secretary of the department of transportation. Nation is asking the inspector general and not the FAA to conduct basically what amounts to a certification or airworthiness review. This max eight points to the lack of confidence in the FAA approval. The 737 backs has come under scrutiny after the crash last week of an opioid airlines jet the second deadly crash involving the aircraft in less than five months. President Trump is expected to nominate Steve Dixon as the permanent. Head of the FAA. Dixie was previously senior vice president of flight operations at Delta Airlines also served as a US air force pilot department has been led by acting chief Daniel L well since January two thousand

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