Explainer 157: Oh Brexit, where art thou?


Uh-huh. The beginning of this week, and such is the effect. Brexit has on our perceptions of time the beginning of this week. Now feels like something that happened before the ball war. There was a gathering consensus that didn't you want to the Brexit fiasco was at last looming. The UK's Prime Minister Theresa may now making the limbless and defiant black Knight from the one and the holy grail seem model of philosophical pragmatism was seeking to put her EU withdrawal deal to parliament full the third time uncowed by the fact that its previous to submissions had resulted in the biggest and fourth biggest defeats ever inflicted on British governments Bill the is to the right. Two hundred forty two the nose to the left three hundred ninety one. View was nevertheless forming but maize plan for another. Go was not quite as mad as it sounded that with the March twenty ninth deadline looming. All but the most crazed of Brexit ahead. Bangers would understand that maze? Root out of the EU was now the only one realistically on offer and fall in behind it, a vote cast reluctantly counts the same as any of them. They might still have been a delay. It is far from clear that parliament has time to enact all necessary legislation before much twenty nine but the two thousand and sixteen referendum result would be honored. The UK would be leaving the EU may had emphasized and correctly that any delay without defined end. Would risk this blessed event not occurs toll. And as I say there is a danger. Failure to agree. A deal that actually could end up in a situation where we have no Brexit as. On monday. However, the speaker of the house John berko in the manner perhaps of a boxing referee, taking mercy only battered barely conscious contender and calling the fight confounded may scheme. Bucko invoked a splendidly vintage president of parliamentary procedure dating back to sixteen four which precludes governments from pestilential repeat introductions of bills previously voted down. The government kennel legitimately do is to resubmit to the house the same proposition ball substantially the same proposition as of last week, which was rejected by one hundred forty nine. Thanks main seemed genuinely surprised by coz intervention, though, she should not have been mostly because berko a piece to have a legitimate point. But at least, partly because throughout the Brexit process bucco has given every indication of very much in. Enjoying the bright of the neutral spotlight has shown upon the speaker's chair. Unless substantial changes were made to Theresa May's Bill ruled berko, it would not be readmitted, given that substantial changes to not seem possible without the acquiescence of the EU who have already made it clear that they won't be any that would appear to be it. Unless inevitably this being Brexit. It isn't. As we go to a various ruses being suggested for dragging maze. Withdraw agreement back into the ring including vote to overrule. The speaker will even asking the Queen to prorogue the current session of parliament and then open a new one. Although again with barely eight damn days to go until Brexit is supposed to happen. It is debatable that there is much more time for such nonsense. If it's hard enough to make sense of what has happened making sense of what will happen is like teaching dog to play the banjo. You can try, but what would be the point. It's possible to say what the possible outcomes are the current default of a no deal Brexit, an orderly Brexit next Thursday as planned a delay to Brexit general election, a second referendum, but such has been the up ending of logic by breaks that VO one of these surely has to occur. They all seem somehow unlikely we have reached the point at which an invasion of England by Scotland wouldn't seem all that surprising on balance and mood in many respects be a relief. Meanwhile in keeping with the satirizing tradition, which has characterized Brexit from the off this past weekend. The unrig generate Brexit ultras of the leave means leave campaign commenced, an epic March from Sunderland to London to protest what they perceive as the imminent, betrayal. In miserable. Cold, pouring, rain. The few dozen would be golden souls who reported for the March to leave as it is known will lead by Nigel Farraj at least for about the first five hundred yards. Very arguably, not the first time Farraj has got a bunch of credulous saps round up about some vainglorious fully and then left them to when the going tough. As we go to where little is known of whatever survivors applauding grimly own on shed. Joel seeming they have not given up a run wild and resorted to cannibalism these full-on footsore stragglers shortly June Pontefract, they are entitled to observe. However that lonely wet and or deluded though, they may be they have a better idea of where they're going than the rest of the country. Does. Twenty four. I'm Andrew Miller.

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