Erdogan sees win in local votes, but loses Turkish capital


I was in Turkey have dealt a blow to president wretched top wound during local elections on Sunday as his AK party was soundly defeated in major cities often nearly two decades of political dominance, despite Mr. Adnan's tight control over Turkish media and his enduring popularity in rural tacky his party was edged out in the capital Ankara, and the country's largest city is Tom bull at a news conference. President Ataman said he accepted the vote results. Jim Davis niches, it all I believe. The only reason we couldn't get the results who wanted in some cities is that we could not express ourselves enough to the nation, and we felt when their heart solar. Henrik Tamil is from the BBC Turkish service, according to unofficial results. President adorns ruling people alliance lost local election in capital on cut. First time the race was neck and neck in country's biggest city Istanbul. Mr. Dylan's people alliance candidate, the former prime minister and the speaker of the parliament Bonani yielded him declared victory. However, the opposition National Alliance candidate Akram all the disputed the results and later claimed that he won the award prison doors ruling Caroline's won't the in more than fifty cities out of Eighty-one. However, the opposition won at least three of Turkey's biggest five cities and the result in Istanbul is still disputed. Now, these are local elections give us an idea of how significant these results might be the elections were very important for prisoner Doan because winning the elections in Istanbul and Ankara have always been something special for him. He's political rise began twenty five years ago when he was elected as the mayor of history bull and Istanbul and Ankara had been run by Islamist welfare party, and then prison add-ons, Justice and Development Party since one thousand nine hundred ninety four and Mr Radwan had almost twenty rallies Istanbul alone on Friday and Saturday, and he also described the local elections as a matter of survival for the country as you've indicated his party has dominated local elections for a very long time. What is happened to make so many Turkish voters change their minds? The main reason for this loss is surely economic was of Turkey. Turkish economy is in recession the inflation hit. A fifteen year high twenty five percent last year and is nineteen percent right now and Turkish leader lost almost thirty percent against the US dollar lussier and six percent in the first quarter of this year. Unemployment rate, the double figures and reached eleven percent on the eve of the elections. And all these economic woes of Turkey made these elections much more difficult for prisoner one and

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