Gillibrand defends handling of sexual harassment allegations


One of the candidates for president on the democratic side Kirsten gillibrand has had a former aide resign in protest of the handling of a sex harassment claims. Oh, no. Because Kirsten is a big metoo movement champion and one of the most outspoken when it comes to members of congress. That's for sure apparently the woman who has not been identified filed a sexual harassment complaint last July accusing the aid of making unwelcome advances. And crude remarks about other women in the office and potential female hires less than three weeks later. The woman said that the man. Who has been identified in the report as Abbass Mellick retaliated against her for making the complaint. She told gillibrand chief-of-staff that she was stepping down because of the way they handled it. Yeah. I, you know, this is I don't think ever seen something like this. Bernie Sanders was was sort of handcuffed by this before he officially announced that he was going to run for president. He was criticized for the way that sexual harassment claims the way the environment that existed in the two thousand sixteen campaign, and he was blasted for not having a tighter control over that whole thing. So I wonder if this is going to be if we're going to see every campaign has something like this attached to it. Now, we feel like every major A-List star in Hollywood is had something like this

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