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Island that guy grew up in an apartment complex literally like if you cut through my back yard. It's it's in his apartment of really help funny is that as Long Island guy. He's he's always been a nice, dude. Tough little guy is right. He's a good guy. Keep bees. Yeah. He's younger than he's known as no nonsense referee. I like they call them. No nonsense suit. So, you know, just like Meinhard lying, suits, all buddy. Are you? I was just conversation was different. But you know, it'd be about two. That's okay that we you have a, you know, you're finding Gustafsen and you guys have had both dealt with John Jones. And what did you learn anything from watching gust of sins rematch with Jones where he was tapped out in the third. You know, not really, you know, that was that was actually similar that. Like, I I work the the analyst for that fighting in that Conway how I thought it would I'm I'm a big Alexander Johnson fan, man. I think he's one of the legends and the tuner five pound division. I like how he carries himself. You know, he's a family guys from the smell area kinda lose the country keeps himself he doesn't trash talk a whole lot. You know? I'm just a fan of him in general. But I've always wanted this fight. And and that's kind of you know, I think the US seen those that that this is a fight that I've always wanted. I think that that was probably the only that going to keep me from taking a long

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