Lakers shut down LeBron James for rest of season

Jalen and Jacoby


Lebron James is shutting it down for the rest of the season. We will not see the king play basketball anymore. Luke, Walton said that they had to convince LeBron James to shut it down. Do you think they've really had to convince him to shut it? Now, not they had to convince them. It just became a reality of the situation. We have a handful of games remaining. You did a great job of showing that you did recover enough from your groin injury to still be productive which was when he got back into the lineup. So now that we understand that you're going to be healthy going forward. Lonzo ball is implant. We're going to the lottery clearly it is time for him to end the season. I mean, I know you don't like resting healthy players. But to me, this is just the obvious right decision. Do you agree with that? It's the logical decision not necessarily the right decision. Nobody felt like we'd be at this point with LeBron James. To the point where we would question whether they be in the playoffs. Let alone so far out of the playoffs. And it don't matter whether he plays or not so because of that storm and him going into a seventeen seventeen season. It's logical even fans would say like kinda makes sense for him not to play. If we want to see them next year when you look at the Lakers, you know, their ability to win games with them and out LeBron James, there's a drastic difference there. I mean, they're not going to be winning very many games the rest of the season. But we do have some information about LeBron James if some are plans, you gotta remember he usually plays like another two months. So he's got a lot of free time. And what's he doing with that free time? He's not going to play with team USA in the World Cup. He is going to film Space Jam to. He said he's going to have a court Bill onset. So he can still train while it's building Space Jam to what do you think about LeBron James filming Space Jam to he went in that game

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