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Canadians. I think are better position than say the blue jackets who have to take on the Bruins. Now, the Bruins. They're just playing out the string as well. And they've lost two in a row. They lost a Florida and Detroit back to back night. So is it going to can you envision Boston losing three in a row? So that could be tougher spot of the blue jackets against Boston. And then the hurricanes are in Toronto to take on the Maple Leafs may believes already clinched a playoff berth second back to back. So right now, it looks like the blue jackets might have the tougher of those three games and looking at the standings in the Eastern Conference. Here's the way it looks. Columbus says the first wildcard would ninety four points. Carolina the second ninety three Montreal as a point back, but Montreal's at a bit of a dilemma because they've got one less Rowen than Carolina four less road Wednesday in Columbus. So Montreal needs to pass Columbus. They're gonna have to do it be the points. They're not gonna wanna tie breaker against the blue jackets. So really they look at being behind by three points to Columbus instead of two because tying them is not going to help now at Carolina. They're only one back in the row wins and with three games still left. They still could pass him in Rowen. Wins. So Montreal still has a chance. Everybody else in the Eastern Conference, mathematically eliminated, Florida, Philadelphia, the Rangers and the like so that's three spots. Two teams are going to get a mantra on the outside looking in. So every game becomes a must win. So should be fun. Watching those teams go at tonight penguins. Still can get home ice. They're going to be in Detroit to take on the Red Wings the front end of a home and home for the penguins jets and wild from Minnesota can eliminate the wild jets trying to clinch the central stars and the flyers stars pretty much locked in. They could still possibly when you look at the standings in the central division. The Dallas Stars have eighty nine points to nationals ninety four. So they're not going to be moving and they have three point cushion on Colorado with three to play so Dallas trying to avoid dropping to the second wildcard. But really when you think about it from a matchup standpoint, they probably wouldn't mind dropping to the last wildcard. 'cause they match a. Better with Calgary. They seem to have the flames number so Dallas in that nebulous position. They know they're in the playoffs. But you know, do you want the first wildcard the second wildcard avalanche and the Oilers Oilers, mathematically eliminated the avalanche again only got one point in their game in hand, but very winnable game catching the orders and the second back-back, but the avalanche also playing in the second back to back will the avalanche. Go back with grew. Our who's been their best goaltender. He played last night in that loss in overtime. And shootout to the Saint Louis blues that's huge sharks and the Canucks kings in the coyotes big for the coyotes two points back winnable game looks like the kings are pretty much mailed in law seventy two last night to the flames drew doughty after the game says he wishes you could play all of the rest of the games in succession. He just looking to get this miserable season over with. So maybe the coyotes can take advantage and beat the Los Angeles Kings. But the coyotes are going to need some help to get into the postseason, but still what an incredible story the retort about the coyotes on the last Tuesday of the race. Season which just three games left. Still be mathematically alive the playoffs. Something anybody saw that coming at the beginning of the

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