High water remains in some parts of Houston after Beta passes through


Now to the flash flooding the warnings as we're on the air tonight up to fourteen inches of rain. In fact, flooding parts of downtown Houston tonight more on the way and high water rescues are underway as well. Here's our chief national correspondent backup in from Houston. Tonight. The remnants of tropical storm Beta stolen right over southeast texts, all these parts struck. With blinding rain came rising water. We were there on I. Wait to eight in Houston with water came up fast. Oh, it looks like a car stuff right up there. We managed to get out and they're yes but dozens of motorists the nation's fourth largest city. I Bid Day Houston Fire Department, rescuing more than sixty people motorists with those lifted pickups plowing the pat I expect to have a hundred or two hundred plus vehicles recovery today it took its time but made landfall and history overnight the first storm named with a Greek letter ever to hit the continental us. And David you can tell by the cars that are trapped here how fast these waters can rise and are still eight four inches of rain forecast for Houston fruits Louisiana areas that got battered by Hurricane Laura there are still more than forty thousand people without power in Louisiana. David Paterson, stunning? Image. Matter. Thanks to you.

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