197-Viking Legends: VFFs


Princess Bring Hill not that brand held rose from bed. She had just learned how to walk so big week for her just a few months back. Vikings had come to her father's kingdom. And the men fled, but she didn't. She stood facing down a horde berkers. They didn't stand a chance. Dozens dead and the kingdom still defended their leader swaggered forward. The. Men Parted. Bari the Viking leader looked at the woman that stop them from advancing into the land. grinned. And attacked. It had been a hard battle but far had one. Leaving Brin held wounded and dying on the battlefield. or so she thought she woke up in her father's home in immense pain while the doctors worked on her months later she rose. They told her she would remain bent and twisted for the rest of her life. So it took her a little while to make it to her father's Longhouse. Through open the door, she saw her father sitting there. Talking to him. Far the Viking leader, the one who had done this to her. Her father through of his hands, he can explain the man they didn't have any other choice and he paid for Brent, holds treatment but brin held couldn't be stopped. She went straight for the foreign leader. And kissed him. Pronounce. Father was confused. But the very kissed her bag in the couple stirred full on making out there on the bench. Brennan. Hill's father shook his head. These times are so weird. brindled super into the man who could best turn battle married the. Despite him, leaving her a permanent limp and stoop and no joke. They were very happy together they had two sons went the vary retired from Viking life. The elder smid wasn't very big but he was super good-looking talented and good with his hands his brother Bossy be os I was tall strong but not particularly good looking that being said, he never flinched at anything whenever he started he would see through his mother who had taken on the name stunt Brin, Hild after. Her brutal defeat slash courtship loved Bossy as was apparently cool with Brennan held the very had a strikingly old concubine I don't know the details behind the arrangement, but the woman also served as a foster mother for Brent hills two sons. Oh. Yeah and she was a witch. She knew the fabled Seder Magic and she taught the boys. But okay, she taught Smith he was a quick study and eager to learn. She tried to teach bossy but the kid wanted none of that. He was a warrior class and if he couldn't his enemies with the strength, he couldn't beat his enemies. Now, his friend was outside and he wanted to play the which rolled her eyes whatever she went back to lessen with smid outside Herod the young Prince was waiting for Bossy. The ball game was about to start and they will be late. The boys had grown up as unlikely friends and neither of them at any way of knowing that today was the day that their childhood would end because. At the end of the game? Herod will be helping bossy leave the country after Bossy was declared an outlaw easy boys play a little rough as it happens bossy haired were in a ball game with some other guys and yeah bossy hit boy dislocated his arm. It happens people get hurt even for Vikings though this game got intense with Bossy hit a guy in the head with a ball and his I popped out. For. Some reason they kept playing because bossy got into another fight through another guy to the ground breaking his neck because this is a viking ballgame everyone's weapons. We're very close at hand inherit was able to get everyone to pause long for Bossy to escape immediate danger purse Herod older half brother sneered. Of course with Bossy and the wind and his Ex Viking Dad even scarier mom saying that any boys playing ball obviously knew what they were getting into up to and including losing an eye and having their neck broken king ring was on Hook for pain for the treatment of the three boys the animosity between Herod and his father grew I mean his best friend only maimed three guys at a ballgame who hasn't done that this was so unfair regardless Herod said that there was nothing left for him in Sweden he wanted to go raiding abroad purse was the obvious favourite and he would probably be heir to. His father agreed yeah. They weren't getting along much perseus standpoint. The father wanted to give his son a fighting chance. An actual fighting chance. So he could fight and kill a bunch of people in plunder and all that. So he gave the kid five ships and enough men to fill them herod went on his way person King Craig couldn't have been happier to see him go.

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