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Entitled Why The Country Needs a Filled Supreme Court. For the 2020 election and in a few seconds or less, Michael, and then we'll explore that. Why do we need to fill this? See? Why can't we just wait until the next president? Well, Michael, I think the answer is ah, seen around the country in the way that the sum of the Democratic governors and legislatures Are extending the rules on ballot security and breaking down a lot of the safeguards. And so this universal mail in voting, for example. Um in some states, Pennsylvania one case where they you, Khun, Drop off your ballots in a drop box that is unsecured and unattended. Well, if that's not an invitation to a theft, or to add ballots to subtract ballots. I don't know what else it is. So I think the Likelihood is that the election will be thrown into the court's, uh, in many of these states. We're not going to know the results on November 3rd. And both sides have lawyered up with armies of lawyers. And so this is looking very much like it's going to be an extended Ah. Contested election well after the day, it will be fought out in the start, probably in state courts, but much as the 2000 presidential election. Bush v. Gore was thrown into the federal courts and ultimately, that's Supreme Court. I think that's probably what's goingto happen this time, and you would not wantto have a four for court. If if this big case come to for it, you would not want to have a decision that split and then gets reversed to kick down to a lower to the previous appellate courts. Which may not be in the federal system. It may be in the state, so it seems to me that it's the whole country should want tohave a full complement of nine justices. For this presidential election. Unless you're the person who doesn't believe that you're going to win from this, which is I think where the Democrats perceive themselves. You make reference to what seems like ancient history in the political world, which forgets yesterday, much less 20 years ago. The case of Florida talk a bit about that. If you would to

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