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Number three on Sunday. White Sox have Cleveland tonight in Cleveland, Lucas Giolito on the Mount Kyle Hendricks, pitching for the Cubs this evening in Pittsburgh. With sports on your home of the Bears. Dave current Ernie's radio 7 80 in 105.9 W BBM news time 1 18 traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by AM Code transmissions in total car care. Here's Claire Lane. I'm going to lace here on and off. For those of you coming in and out of downtown. It's a bridge lift Wednesday. So we've got raised bridges sort of intermittently across the Chicago River in the downtown area, even to Pilsen throughout the afternoon. We're seeing this now. Over Franklin. The brown line is stopped due to Rage Bridge at the Chicago River. Eso shuttle buses are available right now to get you between Merch Mart and Clark and Lake.

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