Frontlines with Joe and Joe: Election 2020 Just Went To The Next Level - burst 3


The liberties protected by the constitution are not fair weather liberties in place when times are good but able to cast aside in times of trouble. And do you WanNa know the punch line? I'll give you the punchline. Stink men age forty one isn't appointee of Donald J trump. Do you see the importance of having flipping these the circuit courts, a federal circuit courts business. This is Pennsylvania. Okay. This is a federal judge nominated by Donald Trump. Confirmed by the Senate led by Mitch McConnell, please all the wishy washy Catholics out there I don't like trump like trump I don't like trump will then you're going to get your rights taken away chill missy don't think for second you're not GonNa just be you think you're going to tell these leftist radicals revolutionary thugs That you're okay because you don't like trump, they're going to say, but does that matter to me we're interested in power we're not letting you go to church we'll keep your church shutdown all these people in the middle of these leftists are what they're going to be benevolent to you. Because you you you don't take a side you're toast to we already said a million times look. This is not exaggeration anymore one of their new symbols whether you've seen it is the guillotine, isn't it? We spoke about that with John More VAT last week to exter- new symbol guilty they are. They are telling you straight up they are French revolutionaries wanted the French revolutionaries do they attacked church? They attacked the Christian order. That's what they were revolting against. These people are going to do the same thing. But most sadly, most Christians could care less because they will renounce their faith in my view. This is what I always said this sad I actually that's not a fair statement. Let me not say that but let me just explain my observation I have seen. This is my observation that Christianity in America is a mile long but it's an inch thing it's an inch thick. People there are very few people that are willing to take on the sacrifices that our faith brings me.

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