You Didnt Vote For The Cabal Thats Running This Globalist Nightmare, But You CAN Vote For His Enemy: Trump - burst 3


The election of 2016. We're going to cover this one. We have all the debates have many of the same events. We had the mic Church show here. We have the baron brief. We had the true money show and we have reconquest and all that. So today you're going to go one of you. Or a hundred of you and sign up to become Founders past members go to Crusade forward slash Crusade forward slash. I'm going to head off. You know, who's sponsoring this segment. I'm going to break out of protocol here for just a moment for actually for 4 and 1/2 minutes and I'm going to play for you. Oh, you can make a contribution to our chatroom. Like they were making a one America news last night. I'm sorry on right side news. You can go to our chatroom. It's free Crusade forward slash chat and in the bottom right-hand corner, you'll see a dollar sign with a circle around it tap that any amount guy goes in there three times a week puts two bucks in we accept any amount. We're not proud are going to play a digital media in 5400 miniature play. You can't do that. He took your job. well I watched an interview yesterday was Steve Bannon. Yes, that's the thing. And while it is true that banning was filling in for yours truly Sirius XM for four years before I was unceremonious off a not renewed and then he took over but look he only did it to get the national exposure for the show that because I had built the audience as a matter of fact, I actually have an interview request timed Bannon wouldn't it be hysterical? It's Steep and it came on this show. Hey, look I shake hands him. His married had you doing I'm so glad that happened. Thank you so much Steven. Let's talk about 20 28. Well, here's an interview yesterday to one America news. Any says pretty much many of the things that I've been telling you about what's going on here and what the demon credit parties plan is their plan is nothing short of the 1917 Red Revolution where they're going to play the Bolsheviks or the 7093 French Revolution where we're going to play the Jack events. Okay. There are epics in history that have been brought about and tens of millions people have died as a result of it with people like today's Democrats. Do not underestimate these people as my priest friend now for tell you who it is, but no it's not father Claude told me the other day after Mash. Mr. Church. We know that these people are that they kill I said, yes Father we know they're killing me go so we should fact that they're willing to kill to hold on to the presidency wage. And a hold onto a now to hold onto this what they think is there's a supreme court we should expect that they're willing to kill I do expect and I Dey are willing to kill and they have killed this year off tens of thousands already. Well they kill more

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