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Court And I think having a 44 situation is not a good situation. From says he will nominate a woman. There's a crash on the five and commerce will be in the five Freeway north outside right there at the 7 10. Looks like you got the plane of the connector road to the 17 north shutdown, so things are really happy. Is you coming away from just about Washington? Also stuff inside Open on delays in between the 67 10 17 North is going to be pretty heavy as well. Coming away from Florence on over 25 stuff outside slow stuff in the 60 over to the five Freeway. Meanwhile, on the 60 westbound side, things are a little bit heavy through industry from just poor Crossroads Parkway on over to the 6056 myself seeing delays from just before the 60th defect roads in the better right up ahead to the five freeway. Also she heading along the five Freeway in Orange County north inside of five just beyond the pas Gonna crash here taking away the far right lane that things are gonna be really heavy. They're coming away from Avery can find this guy helps get you there faster. I'm Jalen brought to you by the cunning, gentle implant center. Your weekend forecast is heating up next mortgage rates right his story close. So if you have a mortgage, refinance it and forget it, you'll never have to worry about refinancing again. Network Capital Funding is offering our lowest 30 year fixed, right ever 2.375 with

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