Knock on Wood


Today superstitions, Merriam Webster. Dictionary defines superstition as a belief or practice resulting from ignorance fear of the unknown trust in matchy or a false conception of causation. That said many people from around the world have a belief that a particular action or event will bring on bad luck and in some cases, even death the superstition about walking or not walking under a ladder has its early roots in religion. Many Christians believe in the Holy Trinity the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost in early times. This belief made the number three sacred along with its triangle. A ladder leading up against a wall forms the shape of a triangle and walking through it would be seen as breaking the trinity, a crime scene as. Blasphemous and one that most certainly would bring that luck breaking a mirror and receiving seven years bad. Luck can be traced back to the Greeks that it was unluckier even fatal to see once own reflection in. Freudian. Psychiatry and psychoanalysis. The term narcissism denotes an excessive degree of self esteem or involvement a condition that is usually a form of emotional immaturity. Why the seven years about luck out remains of mystery and Kenya seen an owl is considered to be a bad omen. It could indicate an upcoming funeral trouble with work or more or less anything unfortunate. It is also thought that shooting the OWL or shoeing it, killing it it away after seeing it or throwing salt in the fire will help to counteract the upcoming misery in putting this story together hundreds of superstitions were discovered and defined, but very few origins were explained yet. It seemed that many superstitions have some kind of religious foundation. For example, it was once believed that the devil follows behind your left shoulder and it's just waiting for an invitation to do. Something evil on your behalf is also believed that spilling salt costitution an invitation to the devil and the throwing salt over your left shoulder will blind him some superstitions come from war three on a match. It was said that the first to light the match captures the attention of the enemy. The same matches used to light a second cigarette takes aim and when the third soldier leaks into light up the enemy fires killing the third man on the match how. About the old saying step on a crack and break your mother's back. I found this rhythm from Arthur stringers lonely o'malley published in Nineteen Zero five step on a crack you'll break your mother's back step on a line. You'll break your father spine step in a ditch mother's knows will itch step in the dirt you'll terrier father's shirt. How about knocking on wood the origins of knock on wood may never be known for certain but has given rise to several. Local variations Turkish people often pull on one ear lobe knock on wood twice to ward off a jinx Italians. Meanwhile say the phrase touch iron when trying to avoid tempting fate finally from youth in the nineteen fifties. If you said something the same time as a friend and if you touched him I in said Jinx, you owe me a coke he indeed would oak you coca-cola if you know

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