Thinking about breathing makes my anxiety worse

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We often receive questions about how to slow anxious breathing down or what to do and breathing exercises make anxiety feel worse and that's what we're going to be talking about. Welcome back. Nanga. Nation. Thought. This was a particularly interesting conversation to have because I haven't had the experience, but we've heard from so many who have that sometimes breathing is a trigger for anxiety. What's that all about sometimes when we have an experience with breathing that's uncomfortable than it can become a trigger. So if we have an anxiety attack then we sometimes have sensation that breathing's becoming difficult or sometimes when we feel really panicked with sacom breathe or I feel like I can't breathe. So then to. Try, and bring your attention to the breath. Becomes challenging because fixating on something that's. impove the anxiety experience before so sometimes. That can happen. which ties right back into what happens to us with how things I'd when you start to pay attention the physical sensations that are occurring in your body and Experience all the anxiety around that as a result now that makes sense. Yeah absolutely. Successfully, how it walks. And this really I guess begins. Then when we noticed that are breath has become a trigger. Whether it's rapid or shallow breathing or. However that affects you. When you start to feel anxious. This is reminded me of a question we had. Some time ago about somebody, the unnoticed exertion was increasing their. Anxiety. It was a chapter at lifted very heavy television into the back of Van Helping Somebody Move House, and he starts to fill up short of breath and he started happening episode. And didn't make the connection the overexertion fill. For, similar. Elevated, heart rate shore breath feeling the you know you need to sit down from an at, take him in. Unda was only when we had a conversation and I said, what were you doing when when you start to fill up ninety stars hope hoping a mate move will lift in these big televisions that Aladdin's realized. Oh you're exerted, but it feels. Similar or even the same. But again, as we've discussed in recent episodes, it's the mind making thing of the minds Mike and a story out of that sure because he anxious mind will always go to that negative bypass of of what might be wrong. So same with breathing if we're feeling anxious already amway becoming sensitized to breathing sensation symptoms in our body feelings in our body around breathing. Borough forward vast upon our attention that because it just fills was is like folks in on the thing that's already raising red flag to his thing it's elevated. Sure an fortunately, there are other things in addition to breathing that can calming as Diety, and the key is to keep trying different practices until you find one that you can trust. Again the mind will always tell you this doesn't work. A certain comment recently from somebody said in I've tried tapping it looks delay doesn't work and the just this week received a message from. Young friend of Mine Who's completely starring cited tax with tapping. That's awesome. A among told me she just taps all the time just taps all the time and she completely gone top of it does work hit does it really works? In watching it work in feeling it worked for twenty years. So yeah, we just need to. Give things go. Challenge. Your own mind when it says nothing works an experiment until you find will helps you.

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