Finding Self-Empowerment When You Feel Powerless


Hello I'm punctual and this is now for tomorrow. Collection of actions you can do now. During the SIMUL disruption and crisis to make tomorrow better. Today I want you to do a simple exercise to bring out to the personal power that lies concealed inside you. We think of power as a matter of struggle competition and overcoming obstacles. But? There's a deeper power in just the opposite. Not Struggling. So Hug. And attuning yourself to the floor. But the flow what? You can let events passively unfold all around you. But that's not what flow meets. Flow much closer to freedom. In, the floor you are present to the here, and now you feel eager to see what happens next. You can taste the new possibilities that want to wake up in your life. What I've outlined is known as a beak experience and we've all had at least a glimpse of what? So here's your assignment for today. I want you to take out a pen and piece of paper. And close, your eyes for a moment. Jake yourself back to something. Wonderful. That has left a lasting impression. It can be a moment of victory and triumph. The breathtaking sunset over the ocean. The Vista from a mountain peak. Experience of deep love. Once, you had the imaging in mind focus on the bliss and the joy that you fact. Now I want you to pause for a moment. What your recapturing is a beak experience and the expansion it brings. What has expanded is your consciousness. You feed open safe. Optimistic. Fully. Present. And relishing the enjoyment of simply being yourself. This expanded state is true power. Life is going to you without struggle effort or resistance. Now I'd like you to write a one sentence description of that moment on the piece of paper. You could write. My last birthday. Or the walk on the beach during. Or a special dinner with people you care about Write it down. Then for the paper and put it in your bucket. As today goes on. And if you're feeling powerless stop what you're doing and pull out the paper. Goes your is. Imagine that moment again and recaptured that experience. That feeling. That power. I realized that turning inward to your direct experience isn't how we were taught by society to define power. Is said the whole set of external standards was set up? You are powerful if you make other people do what you want instead of the other way around. Your baffled if you had the money to buy anything your heart desires. Your powerful if you come out on top in the struggle to get ahead. Once you accepted that scheme you quickly find that life rewards a small handful of winners only. Everyone else is powerless. Now, you have the opportunity to reframe your situation by no longer thinking in those terms. which were voice it on you second secondhand. The secret is to exchange external power was self embarrassment. Suggested the first step. which is to revisit your peak experiences. which you can do anytime. This isn't nostalgia. You. Are Remembering the state of expanded awareness and in that remembering your awareness expense again. Right this moment. I. Realized that this sounds like nothing to society labels as powerful. But Society doesn't have of course. You do. And once you attune yourself to it. Over time. Flow becomes your default approach to life. In the world's wisdom traditions, it is thought that consciousness is the source of all things we desire out of life. A new. IDEA. A New Opportunity If fresh feeling of love or joy. If you can rest securely in your core south. Letting those things come to you as naturally as breathing. You have discovered the kind of self embalmment most people can only dream about. Your homework from today's episode is your key to recapturing that feeling. Carry it with you and feel it empowering.

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