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Just a few days, assuming it has been a success. Lieutenant Governor Josh Green is sticking to his longstanding opinion and thinks the lock down should be doubled by another two weeks, saying it would help the economy reopened sooner in the long run. Public health officials say Hawaii's latest corona virus case increase does not represent a single day total. Lieutenant Governor Josh Green says Wednesday's 339 new cases included 90 delayed results. Caused by a private labs reporting issues that would put the true number closer to 249, which follows this week's pattern of slightly lower figures. Green says it shows the positivity rate is headed downwards and adds that he's not worried overall right now. The H three Freeway is closed again closed at five and it'll stay closed until 6 p.m. in both directions for Covad 19 surge testing that's happening despite the federal government's concerns about negatively affecting traffic safety and operations at the Marine Corps base in Cannes, Yohei Why? Transportation Department spokesman Ed Sniffin said he believes he didn't get federal officials enough information about the state's ability to handle traffic on alternate routes. With the closure. Testing begins at nine AM, continues until two PM you can pre register online at www dot Do I need a cove in 19 test dot com. I'm the news

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