Full Auto Friday - Round 17

Cleared Hot


Schmidt. Of the smoke. I'm looking at danger close small. Good afternoon. Everybody. Full Auto Friday is back again. Round seventeen actually cannot believe I've been doing this for seventeen weeks. Four questions today I'm going to go traditional format, but probably not pay an incredible amount attention to time. But I'm also not going to try to be here forever because it is Labor Day weekend coming up get out. And enjoy the Labor that you put in help that you are. Get into do something. Awesome. Got Some plans. Are Not GonNa? Suck. Let's get into this. As I said four questions to these are a little bit long. So bear with me and As I've said before I do my best to pick topics a not repetitive but also be. Common, in the amount of times that I am asks asked them. So here we go. This one, this first one is about following in your father's footsteps. In the reader says or writes in say anything they remain email. I'm wondering your thoughts about following in a father's footsteps I come from a very proud police family. It has always been that way and I said from a young age at following my father's career path I love the Elliott community and culture and what it represents to be there for people on their worst day and facing evil. So others will not have to but growing up being a child to apparent with job. So dangerous especially knowing what his job entailed of him was extremely hard for me. My Dad is a sergeant in s Arteaga Knit I am assuming that is something approximate to. Swat a specialized unit of some kind time. positioning that as something that it is not I apologize the stories I overheard at a young age still bring chills to my core of the worst evil the world has offer. My Dad knows the risk and still continues to go out of that door every day and a role model for young officers and to his children he's close to retirement age and still continues to go out on the streets and set the example even after desperate pleas from me to stay behind a desk, he loves his job and nothing can change that even with all the craziness in the world nowadays. Either Fiance and two kids of my own now and a relatively comfortable job. and. Then he says at the company who made your truck a help develop your years truck driver Ford. So awesome sounds like you've got a good job. But. I still have this urge to serve my community and follow my father's footsteps. But being a child to someone in the community and I'm sure military's extremely tough in does leave scars. I do not want my children to feel like I did like I ever did watching my father, leave the dinner table to head to the office for a call or to hug their dad when he drops you off at school not knowing if that was the last hug ever missing family functions and holidays. I have seen the long police processions of seen families. Saying goodbye to. Their father husband son. To an officer who fell in the line of duty. It was and still is in the back of my head that that could be my at any moment when I asked my father why he does what he does his response is and always was to keep the bag guys away from you your brother sister and mom. And my only thinking of the cons of this career path. If I do go down this path, can I explain it differentially or? Than my father did. Damn. Okay. Hello. The question. Where to begin on this? I would say. In my opinion. That some occupations. Are Not, right. For everybody. The military and law enforcement I. would put at the top of that list. The things that you described experiencing as the child of somebody who served in that capacity are very real. And I am fortunate and I didn't realize how fortunate I was at the time that my kids were. So young when I was on active duty that I don't think.

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