He is not a radical person. By putting



Am thinking that it is exactly two months before patriotic Americans will go to the polls to vote for president. Now, This is the most important election in my lifetime. And that is because the radical left has made a tremendous Amount of progress within the Democratic Party. There is no question about that. On his own job. Haydn is not a threat. He is a career politician. Ah, swamp creature if you want to call him that, but he is not a radical person. By putting Kamala Harris on the second ticket. Now we are into radical territory. As you may know, Senator Harris has the most liberal voting record in the Senate. The radical left wants to change the country dramatically. Wants to change or economy our rights. Every single thing we have known. I do not want that Now. I will cover this election fairly. I will freely tell you that millions of Americans do not like Donald Trump or the way he conducts himself. But Mr Trump will keep The country Pretty much the way it is.

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