D&S Talk About Their Weekend - burst 15


Just bail right now. All right. So Michelle Obama she is not coming on the show. I'm not going to land another VIP interview like that because we do not want the attention bestowed upon the show. So what? Donald Trump. Lawn you what if you could interview? Donald. Trump because I would have nothing that I would even know to ask them. I would probably be stuttering over and stammering over my words just because he came on the show, I just don't know that I could even do it because I'd be like what I would just say to him. It's so. So it's Mr President seriously what the fuck. You say. I have I have I know what I could say I would say Mr Trump Could you please grab my pussy? That's what I would say pets. Exactly what The hell would. I. Say I wouldn't God, Hey, you might not wanna put that as the teaser the right of his shore. So. Funny. It was just getting ready to say the teaser is. Right. Here at the House do not use it. I want somebody that is really dedicated to this show only to hear that I don't want anybody passing by here that. That

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