Why Does Your Business Exist? with Jimmy Mellado


In business and leadership everybody's talking about purpose vision mission goals you know all that stuff sounds fancy, right? We know enough to know we need this stuff but what the heck is it especially purpose. This idea of purpose can feel kind of philosophical or mystical. I'm GonNa tell you though it's not guys. It's the reason you exist and if you don't have one you're screwed. From the Ramsey network, this is the entree leadership podcast where we business leaders grow themselves their teams and the Prophets I'm your host Daniel Tardy today. My guest is Jimmy Mulatto. Jimmy's been a part of a successful startup. He's an Olympic athlete and today he's the CEO of Compassion International. He leads a team of over three thousand employees and over thirty five countries. Talk about a guy who understands why you have to have direction a goal passion fire a purpose. And for Jimmy. Figuring out his purpose started at a really young age. There were some real strong themes early early in life than I immediately think back of Nicaragua. says. A little boy was born outside the United States grew up in six different countries. I'm one generation away from poverty. My mom knows what it's like to keep a dirt floor clean daughter migrant farmers on the Mexico US border, Mexican culture but my dad and her married and they were adventurer. So they move forty one times in sixty two years of marriage. And I was in six countries before celebrating my first birthday grew up and seven. So fascinating and I love the my childhood. But in in nineteen seventy, two, I was living in Nicaragua and third grade and I watched the Berlin Olympics and something happened and I said I WANNA be a part of the Olympic movement and that started you know sixteen years of training and working and dedicating myself to getting just developing the skill, the craft, and all these different events was a generalist I wasn't a specialist I just loved all the events and the decathlon fit me. Purpose that you had loved to be a part of the Olympics that drove me for sixteen years until seeing that that vision realized and that's just one area and purpose can emerge in different areas of life. You have an epiphany have calling you have a transformative moment or something traumatic happens, and then all sudden this energy inside of you wells up you wanNA make a difference. You want to make an impact somewhere. That's the birth. Of purpose it could be purpose for life. Yeah. But everybody's looking for purpose, but it could be purpose for. An organization every organizations dying to have real purpose defined it. You know a lot of times purpose. I know in my story a lot a lot of businesses we work with it starts out as as something closer to survival or just pay the bills. You know you're not really thinking about this big impact. You'RE GONNA make on the universe it's almost like, yeah, that's for smart people. I just got to get this thing off the ground. Is it always that way or the big organizations that really make a difference do they know from the beginning like this is why they're gonNA EXIST Well I mean I don't know for certain but from my experience, it's always been that way for me. When you're starting something, it's fragile. It's not defined. It's just got energy and you don't know where that energy is actually going to go my first year leading a startup organization the Willow Creek Association, which is a training leadership training organization that was started in thousand ninety two when I was a part of that as a six employees, we lost a quarter million dollars at first. Year and our very existence was threatened. So our immediate like right here purpose was survive another year survive another day survive another payroll. That's the real visceral reality of startups and and they're all consuming. But that more closer in purpose it really does always have to be in the context of a longer longer-term purpose and I will say this it's not always clear. It's not always clear what that longer term purposes when you're a startup situation, you've got some that created there was the sense. That hey, we want to help churches thrive. So the Willow Creek Association got created but then how does that look? What's the priority? What's the focus? What's the strategy? How are we gonNA do that and how are we going to do that in a sustainable way? So all those questions get answered it takes time to answer them and in the meantime you gotta survive. Yes. It seems like you're saying it's not an exercise you do at a retreat it's more a process that you. Refine. As you're figuring out what you're about and you're experimenting with the marketplace Senate, it's evolving to some degree. Absolutely no doubt about it. Net actual real life experience is speaking into how that purpose will get crystallized and become clear over time and it will if you keep pursuing it,

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