How to Get Your Eating Back on Track


Unfortunately for Shelby Ni-, those typically tend not to be the clients were seeing a lot in our offices, right? Yep. So unfortunately, many of you may be struggling and it could be for a variety of reasons. It could be the added stress from the pandemic or from all the social unrest or maybe you're having to make some hard decisions about the upcoming school year. So this morning we want to help you think about eating healthy, but in a different way. So, shelby. Start just delving into that idea start picking that apart I like, what do we mean by healthy eating but in a different way Leah, that is such a good place to start because I think for so many people when they think healthy eating, they have visions of. Celery and Broccoli and like that's the only thing they eat or they're looking at a low calorie, low fat approach, and for most people, there is that mindset of. Well going to be eating healthy, and that means that I'm not going to have fat I'm not going to have any animal products. You know people have a little bit of A. misbelief around what healthy eating really is. So Leah you and I are really wanting to help the listeners understands that we are not asking for a short term fix. We are not advocating for a diet or even something that leaves you feeling deprived, and this was really fun just Thursday evening my last clients for the week we were on a zoom call and I had a husband and a wife that are taking nutrition for weight loss together, and the husband's in the background making dinner and. The wife I can see her and all of a sudden husband comes back around and he's got all of these questions. He's in front of the zoom call now and he's thinking but you know healthy eating you know is this the sort of thing that can translate you know my wife and I are wanting to have better energy and lose weight. That's why they were taking nutrition for weight loss but they have two young kids. So they're trying to tweak the part the details of what they learned as. Healthy eating in terms of low fat low calorie, and they're trying to make these shifts for their family and I. think that's a really interesting. Place. For a lot of people to start seeing that you can eat protein you can eat eggs, you can eat meat you can eat fish you can eat beneficial fats like you can put butter on your vegetables. It's not just. Feeling like you're deprived or feeling like you have to. You know sometimes people call rabbit food. We're here just eating vegetables but you as you as you think about healthy eating at a different way, I think we definitely want to follow that up with with what that looks like for us and so maybe later in the show, we can give listeners a clear sense of what does. Healthy eating look like for real food nutritionists and Dietitians, and how can we start to shift that for everyone regardless of what their goal may be yeah. Absolutely. I think it always helps to hear just from other people's perspective or other people's own experiences, and so I think that would be helpful thing to like you said follow up with at the unknown towards the under the show. And knowing I know for you whenever I've seen your schedule shelby it is jam packed all the time with clients and and most of us a nutritional weight and wellness are also very busy with clients as a busy time of year right now. Right? But for us, that means we need to prioritize real food nutrition even more. So we try to focus on our own health goals and try not to let some of that business of life and some of the chaos that comes along with that but that distract us too much. So today we want to discuss some of those important health goals of why we and maybe some of you listeners want to stay on a real food eating plan and not choose that the easy route, the more processed food. So. So I, want to pose that question to the listeners really quick. Why do we personally choose to cook and stick with what we think of as an easy and quick approach to eating and so and shelby wanted to tell me your take on that right right. So when I hear that, why do we personally choose to cook real food I think that choice could be different for? Everyone listening. For You I'm sure your motivation is really strong with your son. With you wanting to make sure you have enough energy to keep up with the asked two year old. But I personally, and you know I talk about personal reasons I eat real food because I grew up and I was a kid a lot.

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