Number of coronavirus cases in U.S top 6 million


The number of Americans killed has passed 183,000 and the number of cases among college students is rising after just days back on campus. But there's also a growing assault on the truth. President Trump Retweeted, a conservative website that's falsely claiming a much lower death rates and 183,000. They're saying just 9000. Dr. Lena Wen is an emergency physician in public health professor at George Washington University. Dr Wen Start with what you are seeing as you assess data from around the country. What stands out to you? What I'm selling Robin is that there is some good news that we have a declining number of cases around the country as a whole, which illustrates that the interventions that we put into place these interventions like mask mandates like restricting these in particular these very hybrid settings like indoor bars. That they are making a difference. And now we have schools open. We have university soon is coming back, and I do fear that we will be trending in the wrong direction soon that we are having these rolling waves around the country, and I think people need to keep in mind, especially as we come into Labor Day that we cannot do it all that we can't do all of our normal pre pandemic normal activities. So if we want schools to remain open, we need to be doing our best and limiting our interactions and these high risk settings and, of course to stay outdoors, wear masks in practice, social distancing. Well, and you When you say stay outdoors, we're going into

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