New York pols call for investigation of possible NYPD work slowdown


For an investigation. After rumors of a work slowdown by city police officers, Councilman Ritchie Torres of the Bronx tells 10 10 wins that the NYPD response Times are slower this summer. And considering the recent rise in gun crimes, that's a violence is heading in the wrong direction. So are the NYPD response times. And if you think there is no connection between the trends and violence and the trends and NYPD response times than that's delusional, and so, as far as I'm concerned, there needs to be an investigation into whether there is in fact they work slowdown and to what extent as the work slowdown driven the growth in violence. He and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, saying they've heard about the alleged work slowdown from a number of alarmed officers who are still in the force. Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner Dermot Shea have already denied any work slow down by officers. A woman arrested after a

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