Philadelphia Phillies-Yankees Series Postponed As Some Phillies Await COVID-19 Test Results

Boomer & Gio


The Yankees wrapped up in all this mess with the MARLINS and they're corona virus outbreak Miami had their games cancelled by Major League baseball through. Sunday. So they are next scheduled at the moment to play on Tuesday at home against the Phillies we'll see how the. Situation Develops but the Yankees are on to Baltimore they will play to the orioles beginning tonight after they had a couple of games postponed. The phillies at Citizens Bank Park. Brian Cashman has no idea if the season will end up getting completed what he says, the Yanks will do whatever they can to make that happen I can't tell you confidence. I can't tell you don't have confidence I I tell you we're gonna do everything in our power to do everything the right way and play baseball, and his team is on board with that plan. I think the fact that our players said what they said today when they voted, we'll go to balk more their their attitude is tell us where and we'll be there and that's I think a very powerful statement by them. Yes and plenty of incentive for them with the roster they've put together and looking to contend for the world series title, of course.

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