Stocks sink at open, with the Dow off more than 300 points, after horrific GDP


Bonds climbing after airport show the world's largest economy had its sharpest contraction on record in the second quarter, and separate data highlighted another increase in the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits. We check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg, the S and P 500 Down 1% or 33 points at 32 25 DowJones industrial average down 1.5% 386 points at 26,155 and the NASDAQ's down half percent, or 49 points. At 10,492. 10 year Treasury of 8 30 seconds. He'll 300.54%. They yield on the two year 20.12%. Nymex crude oil's down 2.4% or $1.40 dollars, 27 cents a barrel. Comex school, down about 1/10 of a percent on the dollar, 30 in 1975 30 announced The euro 1.1797 against the dollar. The yen 105.7 Qualcomm Among the stocks were watching today, up 10.5% gave a strong sales for cash for the current quarter and announced a new licensing deal with China's well way technology's Procter and Gamble, up 1.6% of posted a certain sales this spring is higher at home consumption of laundry detergent and dish soap. Was continued stockpiling gave the consumer staples giant a boost. And that's a Bloomberg business. Flash toman Paul Karen, Thanks so much negative

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