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Finally Congressman I want to turn to the death of your friend. The late congressman civil rights icon John Lewis Fifty five years after bloody Sunday. Congressman Lewis. Body is crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma Alabama for the last time tomorrow. His body will lie in state at the US Capitol. What will you be thinking about tomorrow when you visit him? You know. Just the profound loss of such an incredible hero, the most respected member of Congress from the House the Senate Democrats. Republicans and I think that we all need to honor him in the best way possible, and that means that we need to pass the voting rights act. We need to make sure that all Americans are eligible to vote can vote in one hundred days and I think we need to. To take his memory into the polling, places are hopefully voting from home to do that. Such a giant such a humble man demand that everybody loved and tomorrow's GonNa be a very very somber day, but we have to be so somber. We have to celebrate his life to I know that that's what he would want. He would want us to not stop to continue fighting to get in good trouble. Getting good trouble, his famous phrase Congresswoman Karen Bass thank you so much. Really appreciate your time today. Thank you so much

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