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Welcome to film spotting, we will get to our Nolan Review Awards. Later in the show, we might have an for those awards picked out by. Then we might not. We will share our awards for favourite supporting performance and lead performance from this retrospective of the work of Christopher Nolan will also share our picks for best Nolan moment in the overall best moment or seen after we have revisited all ten of Nolan's films and that will culminate with our Christopher Nolan rankings. The definitive Christopher ranking for each of us one to ten will there be some shifting Adam Gimme a tease. Shifts definitely from the last time, I posted a Nolan ranking on letterbox. There's been some movement Yep me too one I think you'll like I don't know if you'll like it enough, but you will like it I though the World War Two movie from Christopher Nolan that we didn't know we needed dunkirk. The enemy tanks stop. Why? Why waste precious tanks when they can pick from the. Barrel. Their full hundred thousand men only speech. Your position. Josh, coming into this rewatch was that done kirk is Christopher, Nolan's best film and there's at least one longtime listener and regular commentator who agrees with you that we are culminating this overview triumphantly with the filmmakers greatest achievement Adam Grossman in Vancouver says like many of us. I've completed my Christopher Nolan Review. Biggest takeaway hoover is a really hard were dispel. Well, second takeaway. I've decided dunkirk is Nolan's career highpoint while my heart loves interstellar the most good on you Adam and I. Hugely Admire. and. The Dark Knight for what they meant to Action Cinema and Superhero movies respectively dunkirk is his masterpiece got laid down for you tenant. I just don't know how anyone could argue that the legend of dunkirk could be told any better the setup and the first eight minutes alone from the falling paper from the sky to the distress. Cry of where's the bloody air force is a wonder of a short film. In itself, the lack of dialogue works perfectly for what this movie wants to achieve with. Hans. Zimmer's relentless scored doing all the audio work that's necessary among all the chaos. There are frequent moments of grace. Kenneth. Branagh face as Commander Bolton as the cavalry arrives in the form of the civilian vessels the empathy as Peter Tells Killian Murphy's PTSD soldier. The young George will be okay and no moment more than the shot. Be Okay and no more than a shot of Tom Hardy's planes silently gliding over the beaches of dunkirk knowing his job has been done. dunkirk is also uniquely Christopher Nolan Movie One where his signature use of time has never melded together better and more cohesively than it does in the final twenty minutes of this film while Dunkirk will understandably never be a wholly enjoyable or easy rewatch. It's one that gets richer and richer with repeat viewing. Now, Adam Mention Nolan signature use of time, and that is one aspect of dunkirk among others that certainly connects to his entire body of work. But there are other aspects that Mark Dunkirk is unique. It is only film that is based on historical events, which means it is inherently rooted in the past and yet I'd argue it is only film that truly feels present tense meeting there are no. Dead parents or wives or forsaken children or other tragic events haunting the air's barrier played by Tom. Hardy the Moles Army private Tommy fiene whitehead or for the most part the sees Mr Dawson played by Mark Rylance like all Nolan protagonist there's plenty of personal sacrifices on display but no guilt no sense of futility about toning past actions just the seemingly futile need to survive the current event that they. Are Tragically experiencing here's something else that argues unique about dunkirk as we every other commentator on Dolan's work is discussed in some form or fashion for all those dead parents and wives and foresaken children. There's nothing so emotional or borderline sentimental in any of his previous films as the climax of inception and yes, mileage may vary there which led to interstellar and not only mcconaghy's crushing breakdown watching twenty three. Years Worth of miss video messages from his family but the verbalize message love is the one thing we're capable of proceeding that transcends dimensions of time and space. Maybe we should trust that even if we can't understand it, it's hard to imagine any character in previous Christopher Nolan movies saying something like that which led to Dunkirk am I crazy josh this is his most blatantly sentimental and even heart film. And if so is that what establishes Dunkirk as his best its balance of coldness the sober portrayal of the hell of war of life in the misguided choices, some men will make when facing death with warmth. In the compassionate inspiring choices some men will make to maintain a way of life. So a lot of subtleties in that question and you're onto something so you're not crazy I think I would distinguish. The word blatantly, I. Don't think this is blatantly emotional or moving, but I do think you're onto something in the fact that it is maybe his most heartwarming in where it ends up and let me kind of try to parse those. You're right as long as the Nolan Canon has convulsing McConnell. Interstellar is going to be his most blatantly emotional I mean you can't have a scene like that without registering that on it surface. That's his most emotional movie. But I will also say that I find Dunkirk to be his most emotionally affecting movie maybe even more. So than inception, which we about how I did find that very moving especially in the character of Mal. So yet dunkirk is really a unique thing even as it's working within the strands and trends that we have been tracing in Nolan's other films, I. Think the heartwarming aspect is probably a part of that. You've nailed it there in that it brings us to a place that. Is One of Constellation and I think it's earned because I think up until that point we have just been suffering alongside all of these other characters in so many ways and we've also been recognizing as the movie does that this is You know a an account of a military failure, a huge defeat and so for the movie to kind of offer, some sort of solace at the end of that I think is. In proportion and well

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