Mariko B. Ryan - The Opposite of Fear is Freedom


Wondering if you could just stop by. Giving us a little bit of your background and might tell us about where you grew up. Sure. Thank you for having made by view if I may start with something slightly different, and then kind of Wolf into your question, it feels right this point knowing that you're gonNA have USTRALIAN lesson, and possibly some New Zealand looseness, listeners and Mahdi listeners live in Australia. To greet them out traditional way so if you don't mind to do that and they go into Chris Hayes. Yeah let me to buy a native. The Mahato Hawk of the cut th-wa. They not cut the auto thin lot further fatwa unlike a made Tina yet to. while. The Tate Ottawa. Took it. So I've just greeted them and let them know who I am. Tribal is speaking that I'm from the northern. Off said Ottawa, and what we, the in the region that we call tied, took it so I have placed myself now in a location. For your listeners. Thank you for that. We did I grow up now this this will take me out of my tribal in grew up in Oakland. I was a child of parents and grandparents who had been part of the Ibanez Ation Price Ace that occurred during the fifties and sixties so the government. Made some economic policy decisions, which made that many of my relations hedge leave tribal areas to find week. I'm a child of those. Generations brought up in Oakland end lift or conceivable years to Levin L appliances in new. Zealand as well which I think was a very positive thing to do to get out of a US associate like this. And experienced the region's. Pivotal years because they caused mess cultural disconnection. And, they enabled the government to grab huge tracts of land, making it impossible for many Erie tune in my family and my upbringing. was part of the impact where we could go what we call home to travel lanes, but we no longer had lanes the so we couldn't retuned to love. And sorts so that whole part of my life now I look at it. In terms of what historical periods did I grow up and? What was my experienced during that time had an impact Mian tombs of going forward as a young. Girl in thin woman unto the swilled. And what have I been able to extract? From the things that we'd lost by being why from l.? A. And I gained, so they were really interesting. Innovation Spring, curious in my growing up is. My Molly side. But we were really fortunate as well because my father and grandmother who lived close by maintained connections very strongly with a tribal areas, so we travel back and forth as whichever back and forth Tortuga liens constantly I remember vividly. It would take us more than twelve hours driving to get what is now about a five hour drive. And the roads were pretty rough, but it gave me a really sound connection to my roots, and we didn't become strangest to tribal land and to our entities. So in that respect. We were very fortunate. That wasn't the case for many of my relations who? Lived and different eras around the country, and many moved over to Australia and been have been unable to reconnect. Yes so, that's that's that Christian. Beautiful and sorry sounds like it was a real priority and our real conscious choice feel family that, even though they might have been physically moving away from these tribal lands that really wanted to maintain that connection, and as a what astray leading girl I'm really love to hear more about like what that looks like in your family life. It looks different now than it did when I was a child so when I was a child, I remember my my father, my my parents and his relations. Attending what will we code land meetings and Oakland so we're in a very politically charged time, so they were very conscious of the. Bureaucratic. Colson wheels that had been put in place to land off them. And they had to fight a beer credit in cool system in order to hold on to name, so there were several land to meetings are record as a child where people would get together and figure out how they were going to respond to a very complicated legal system that was biased against them. And so I remember very much being a part of that in an although I, was more likely to be outside playing with the other children I do recall many times sitting inside the Ramos Waylon this name. To what was being seed in also hearing? On natives because? Switching, languages constantly throughout the conversation which I said do it in a book. It's a kind of a reflection of my neighbors of how the language switching was to so fluid.

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