Two found dead in home in domestic dispute near Philadelphia


A domestic dispute in Shelton Ham as we hear from KOW Charlotte Reese. A person of interest is in police custody. Police focused most of their investigation inside the home where two people were shot and killed. It happened Saturday Saturday afternoon afternoon on on Green Green Valley Valley Road Road and and Shelton Shelton Ham, Ham, a a person person of of interest interest was was taken taken into into custody. custody. Police Police believe believe the the incidents incidents stemmed stemmed from from a a domestic domestic dispute. dispute. Craig Craig Brown Brown tells NBC 10 He was shocked to hear the news, he says they were always quiet and polite Neighbors on we just say hi, How you doing? What's going on? That's pretty much. Brown, who lived in the neighborhood for more than 30 years, says it was odd to see a crime scene on his street that people have only been living there for four years. Charlotte Race K

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