Boston Declares Heat Emergency


Off another heat wave This one could last into Wednesday. Boston declaring a heat emergency for a second weekend in a row with Heat index is expected to reach 105. Here's doubly busy Suzanne Saz bill. Even in New England. A heat wave in July is not uncommon. But Mima director Samantha Phillips says it's important to remind people how to stay safe limit time outdoors. If you do have to be outside, where light colored clothing drink plenty of fluids check on loved one read Lamberti with every source doesn't anticipate any problems with power. Despite a C's working overtime will create some high electricity usage doing this heat wave, and it's put a strain on the electric electric system. system. However, However, we we are are prepared prepared to to meet meet that that increase increase demanded. demanded. We We have have crews crews ready ready to to respond respond to to any any outages outages or or issues issues that that may may arise. arise. He He reminds reminds people people to to increase increase the the temp temp on on the the A C and clean filters and run things like dishwashers and washing machines at night Doing so saves energy and a few bucks on your electric bill. Suzanne Saz

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