Andover Man Who Faked His Death To Avoid Charges Arrested In Atlanta, Georgia


Who faked his own death to get out of covert related fraud charges. Charges has been arrested in Georgia. W busies Medicine Rogers with the details the latest development in a months long story, federal officials say. David Staveley was arrested in Alfa Rhetta, Georgia on Thursday, and he's back in custody back in May and over. Entrepreneur David Staveley, also known as Kurt de Sanborn, was charged after trying to fraudulently claimed close to $450,000 in paycheck protection program money. He was released on house arrest Later that month, he removed his GPS monitor disappeared. Became a federal fugitive. In June. His car was found on a beach in Quincy with a suicide note inside, but it was determined he faked his death. And now US marshals have tracked down Staveley, who was living in Georgia under a false identity. He's now being held by federal authorities in Atlanta. Madison Rogers

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