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Hey, Marcus welcome to the show Tame Martin well I have to say I've been really looking forward to it because we've known each other now for well over a decade and while you had taken quite an interesting path of going real deep into Chinese Madison starting and you know actively practicing this while ancient on over in Europe and anyways I've been really wanting to do this show on Chinese medicine because over the past few months we've covered quite A few interesting topics you on the podcast about the microbiome new tropics, cavalry metabolic health, and so forth. NFL Lot of the conclusions that we're drawing in our recent age seem to have actually been practiced for thousands of years in Chinese medicine, and that brought me back to you. But before we go deep into this topic, why don't you first tell us a little bit about how he got into Chinese medicine in the first place? Yes. Sure. So Basketball and tennis when I was a kid a teenager and frequent injuries and went to all the doctors a bunch of Western medicine treatments that didn't quite help and then I ended guy practicing Japanese acupuncture. So they just using really really thin fine needles that you almost don't feel and I remember going up to his office and could barely. Account on her car is my Nieto's started so bad at its second cute rain in them and then, and then you just put a bunch of needles somewhere. I hopped off his bench. Like if nothing was. Like nothing was wrong and I remember it took forever to get up the stairs there and all that just up down. was made quite an impact on me re that that was like immediate immediate. That must have left an impression and you tried like well, traditional. Western. Medicine to treat your knee at that time just conventional stuff your painkillers, etc.. Physiotherapy all the things that they give you go talk none of them were orthopedic specialist none of that worked now, not only for some things that works and then and then this guy is. By. The way you play affected. Enough such bad acne base and your low energy levels and that you'll always cold that is just the branch of the same route. So it's all it all kind of linked together with the same root cause and. Then, he gave me a bunch of herbs in two months later up in this really cystic acne was really bad doing a lot of western medicine things that it took quite a toll my health to at the time 'cause. He's injections or quiet. They're messing with your system out there drying you out your spacious clans and older glance pretty much everywhere, and so there's a lot of side effects and he gave me a bunch of herbs so to Vivian Natural Dumb. That made my help me keep my back in away and made my Kimble's significantly reduce and so. That's what hooked, and then I always wanted to become a doctor. So I had a high school degree. So I got a scholarship and the fine print scholarship that I could pretty much use it anywhere and so was thinking, do I go to the United States in Germany? China. Server. Since then you know I was interested in Chinese medicine also and and that's actually where we met. Yeah. So I got, you know I had a had a spot at a German university medical school and didn't go and instead you we went to China to be. Teachers for a few months, and while while teaching their inner, we didn't have much to do teaching. So end around I went around there's over four thousand, but they call integrative medicine hospitals. So it's Chinese medicine and Western medicine together combined in different departments. Of course, everybody does what they're good at but are essentially were together and a lot of time on these speak laments in China in one of those muscles and then I signed up at a Chinese university instead of the German one and I study what they call Jewish, Jehovah Chinese, medicine, and Western medicine combined with the focus being on the Chinese medicine side. And I completed that study it's a five year degree mostly in Chinese language. Muslim classes were essentially chinese-language in the beginning it a little bit of English classes in a Western medicine intended teachers kind of because they're English was so bad. In Chinese anyways even though we were like international and that was in. Beijing right. That was on Beijing five years in Beijing, and then I went to Hong Kong for another five years where we met again. At the end, I did my phd in what's called evidence based Chinese medicine over using modern scientific methods like clinical trials, Placebo, controlled randomized control trials, and instead of giving you experts at drunk we're using for example, in ancient acupuncture protocols or in my case was elbow pain it's like a two thousand year old extra puncture point protocol that they've been using since at least two thousand years per elbow pain and re looked at it was the is out son of modern science and understanding how that stuff works but we are playing these ancient principles. The Same WanNa do for you today was these five health tips or twenty twenty TM health. Cultivation, wisdom, that's what they call for staying. Healthy. So I, WanNa give you a few tips and ahead of quotes from the ancient books, and then I also pulled up a few research studies that kind of backup, what they're saying or giving another perspective on it. So we re using these ancient time tested principles, and then we're also looking at them. You know some the lenses of scientific method world of mearns,

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