Coe Leonard


Coe Leonard going to be a very, very tough task, And as for the Clippers, they want to be physical on Lucas Dodge. It's that guy has been off the charts all season. Long leads the MBA in triple doubles with 17. They want to defend the three they did that. In the 1st 3 meetings, fabrics only shot 31% down 5% from what they shot in the regular season. And also they want to make an emphasis to rebound the basketball and get out and run and beat this team in transition. Well, the Dallas Mavericks a little bit of a different lineup, look a CZ. We give you the starting lineups for Game one of the best of seven. Siri's and, of course, the great stars of this young Dallas team Luca Don Cheech and Kristaps Porzingis about to play in their first n ba post season. Tim Hardaway in the backcourt. With Luca Don check. Hardaway's had an outstanding year Dorian Finney Smith with Kristaps, Porzingis Upfront and Maxie Cleave. Oh will make his first start since March, and obviously his first start in the bubble in the middle moron that in a moment for the Clippers, they are whole. They have their backcourt of Patrick Beverly and Paul George Beverly been dealing with a calf injury and missed the last five games Frontline of coli, Leonard And Marcus Morris and Evita. Zuba. It's the seven footer from Bosnia has been outstanding in the bubble. And I think part of the reason that Rick Carlisle going to Maxie Cleave a in the starting lineup tonight. Well,

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