Oracle joins race for TikTok, reportedly in talks to acquire U.S. operations

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Oracle has been working with US investors who already have a stake in bite dance to put together deal to acquire tic tacs operations in the US Canada Australia and New Zealand. Which? Oracle. Oracle if Microsoft as a home for Tiktok didn't make much sense. You than Oracle definitely doesn't right unless they're just interested in keeping it out of Microsoft's hands don't know quote detect company co founded by Larry Ellison had held preliminary talks with tiktok Chinese owner bite dance, and was seriously considering purchasing the APPS operations in the US Canada. Australia. New. Zealand the people said Oracle was working with a group of. US investors that already own steak and dance including General Atlantic and sequoia capital. The people added the entry of Oracle into the race provided by dance with a credible alternative to Microsoft's offers said, one person with knowledge of the matter twitter had also held early stage talks with TIKTOK. But there were serious concerns about the US Social Media Group's ability to finance the deal said people briefed about the matter and quote? But still? Oracle really.

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