COVID-19 clusters cancel in-person college classes across the country


Had decided to revert to online classes as Corona virus outbreaks continue to erupted. Schools around the country college students in North Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Vermont, Kansas, Colorado. Even the Air Force Academy are testing positive for Kobe 19, creating a ripple effect that puts hundreds more students in quarantine. Notre Dame's president, Reverend John Jenkins says they'll go back to online learning for a couple of weeks with about 150 new infections. Michigan State announced it won't hold in person classes as planned next month in person. Classes are starting at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, the chancellor's warning students If they don't follow social distancing rules, they could face expulsion. I'm Jackie Quinn. While I colleges across the country, Virginia Tech is trying to be smart, attentive and careful about keeping the campus safe during the day. Endemic. While some colleges across the country are battling Corona virus outbreaks, Virginia Tech has only had one true positive case before other infections were students who'd previously tested positive. So how are they managing? Besides the initial screening and some quarantines, Virginia Tech President Tim Sands says students are expected to hang in there pods and responsibly gather. If students party with people outside their group. They could be charged with a misdemeanor under a new ordinance. Sands ask students to be patient and thoughtful about what they do, promising that one day in the not too distant future, A degree of normalcy will return. Hillary Howard

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