Bipartisan Senate Report Shows 2016 Trump, Russia Collusion


The news Do. You guys remember when the big question on everyone's mind was did donald trump colluded with Russia during the two thousand sixteen campaign remember it was all anyone talked about and then trump lead one, hundred and seventy thousand Americans die on his watch and we moved onto that. Well, it turns out the US. Senate had not completely forgotten about it and yesterday they dropped a bombshell report. A New Senate report says members of the 2016 trump campaign were eager. To accept help from Russia some of a directed personally by Vladimir Putin the Republican led Senate Intelligence Committee releasing its final report declaring two thousand sixteen trump campaign had repeated contacts with Russian operatives, Paul Manafort? The former trump campaign co-chairman. It goes further than the Muller reports saying he was in close touch with a Russian intelligence officer who became a business partner. It says manafort posed a grave counter intelligence threat. The report says he may even have been connected. To Russia's hacking and leaking Hillary Clinton campaign emails, an operation it says was actually directed by Russian. President. Putin. The three year investigation also found that president trump may have misled special counsel Robert Muller One of the other headlines is that this committee actually made criminal referrals in June of last year in two thousand, nineteen to federal prosecutors on the list of referrals, Steve Bannon Jared Kushner, and Donald Trump Junior. That's right. The Republican led Republican led Senate committee. Referred Steve, Bannon, Jared Kushner, and Don Jr. for criminal charges for lying under oath, and this is good news for Eric. When you the least favorite child, you get left out of all the family traditions, even the criminal ones basically, this Senate investigation found that the trump campaign's contacts, with Russia, during the two thousand, sixteen election posed a threat to national security, and the interesting thing about this report is that it's bipartisan with policies agree on the facts but. Each party came to a different conclusion about whether the facts meant that there was no collusion. And I will say it's always weird to see the same set of facts that are interpreted that differently it kind of reminds me of how two different guys will have different stories about how they fight went down you'll. That guy in the face and he was down on the ground lights out man. So Dude, I told that guy get on my face and then I took a nap on the

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