Indigenous Artist To Artist


Welcome to all my relations friends. We're super happy to have you here and to see you your faces on zoom and to have you a part of this call today. Today. We're discussing our work as artists are relationship with art the art world we're trying to think of a way to do introductions that felt more kind of. Grounded in the work that we want to talk about Then just having all say like who you are and where you're from, we also wanted to talk about the the reason behind the work that we do as creative as artists, whatever it is. So Mantica and I were talking about this before the call and thinking about like I am a writer and I am podcast her and I am a storyteller in those ways and the reason I do it and the reason I spent so much time thinking about it is because I believe that telling our stories in real and authentic ways matters That can create actual change in the world and the way that people see us and so that's what grounds me in this work in like keeps me going in terms of all of the the daily strife of trying to be a writer via podcast via academic is that I believe in the power of our voices. So if we could have each of you kind of talk about who you are and Thia sort of reason behind the work that you do. Relation. Who Adrian my name is Ryan Red Corn. I'm from the Husk Oklahoma and the oaxacan district and I am osage. I make stuff I make photos, graphic design for folks and myself I make films I. Have now written place co-wrote plays I wrote songs in that play A. Im- now, doing a podcast with you I. D-. I don't think that makes me a podcast but I don't know I just keep making stuff. I've made poems. I'm running out of things that I've made but I just I just make stuff I'm also a dad a made some kids. Maker. Babies I'm bringing our nation back almost singlehanded. I don't know what holly situation is but I know that I've made more children than most of the people on this podcast. And you make a, you make the movies for the fourteen, Ninety one to this I'm probably the funniest one, the other guys they they won't admit that They're they're kind of really jealous. So in case they asked just know that that's what they're probably contest that statement And can you tell us a little about why it is that you make all the makings? You know before? I. Had kids I made the makings because I was pissed off I didn't like the state of the world, and now that I have kids I'm still pissed off about the state of the world but I'm pissed off on their behalf because this is the world they're inheriting. So. Hopefully, the things that I make. they see themselves in. And so maybe it will help to. ground, their self esteem and. Provide them a larger Palette to imagine a world in. Hopefully. They're very clever. Your kids have conned me into getting them candy on on multiple. Yeah. Well. Like like me, they descended from a long line of politicians, salesman and preachers, and so. It makes total sense that they would be able to. Get whatever they wanted from you by virtue of how they do that to every adult besides me in their entire life.

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