Putin foe Navalny fighting for his life after suspected poisoning

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Russian opposition leader Alexia Vanni is reportedly unconscious in a hospital today and there are concerns that he was poisoned. He got sick on a flight in his plane had to make an emergency landing in the Russian city of. Joining us now is the BBC's Sergei Gorriak in Moscow. What is known about? What happened to Vanni? What would we know from now is that Navali is in stable but grave condition he's still in a coma is held in the hospital in the city of Ohm skits the middle of the Siberia and Navan his wife and his supporters came already from Moscow oems but the doctors there don't let them to go inside and to see what happens with Napoleon. Is, he also, we know that Navales supporters. Novalis. Team is going to transfer him in hospital in Europe probably that will be Hanover in Germany to be treating there because they don't believe Russian doctors and they believe more in medicine like broad But now his condition is critical and he's not ready to be transported which is why he's still there in. Now, he is forty four years old. He is a staunch critic of president. Putin, tell us more about who he is while for the last ten years broke Smith Lena has been the main opposition figure in. Russia he's the vocal critic of Putin. He's his thorn in a back. I can say so and he started as an opposition blogger right in about corruption cases among officials or businessmen somehow connected linked with the government they after he. Held a very successful campaign during the elections in two thousand eleven and these campaign against The United Russia party that's the main ruling party in this country. Made this party almost lose the elections in the State Duma. That's the parliament Navan only raised like lots of people to. Come on the streets they were mass rallies like hundreds of thousands of people in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and other cities who were protesting against United Russia the body which Nevada libels as a party of Crooks and thieves after that he tried. To run for mayor of Moscow. And dirt even tried to participate into the presidential election in two, thousand, eighteen. But he was barred from running because or was convicted in embezzlement He denies any wrongdoing. He thinks that these cases criminal case was political. He has a very successful anti corruption foundation which does a big and very A. Very good investigations on different politicians and Putin's France out He even made a very successful investigation on which means that if that's been A. Ex. President. Of Russia and Prime Minister after the that investigation specifically in two thousand seventeen, they will also mass rallies in Moscow. So there are lots of reasons, for Kremlin, not to love Nirvana as you can see. Well, and if indeed he was poisoned, this would not be the first Putin critic to be targeted. There's a long list not at all but what many experts here in Russia's say what I should agree with that such thing as only spoiling by. Either security services either some Putin's men could only happen with Putin's approval and. Now it there is no reason for Putin to try to put navalny in hospital or even to kill him because are no very prominent political campaigns running. No very big elections in Russia actually wouldn't have only was doing. Siberia. He was housing small campaigns for. Local elections in some Siberian cities where his supporters are running for some places in a city parliaments or regional parliaments, which is why still very puzzled about who and why would want Nevada to be poisoned and crime in spokesperson injury Paskov ready told that Kremlin wishes Nevada. Speedy recovery and they also told that they would help if Navales family would want him to be treated abroad.

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