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Time for Mallon's mailbag. It's sure is time for Mallon's mailbag. If you can send me questions and I catch him I will answer them live on this stream. If not, that's one seventy three will be four. So the first question, a god in Maui mailbag is from these sports stance. A shortened season. Do you think the reds have a legitimate shot to make the playoffs? Yes I do. There's actually two questions from the sports stance. Thank you very much folks, but yes, I do and I'll tell you why. That lineup that the redskin offering day in day out S- I. Think is fantastic, I think. If the redstone, start off with a big old cold streak like they did. Last year they went was one in eight. Yeah I think this reds team can compete and I think their offenses. Going to be fine in the NL Central, sorry, the central, because there's a l teams also there as well. Pitching wise starting pitchers I feel great about. I think they are going to be fine the starting five. Bullpen however. Well last. Year didn't start off to be. A crutch of the team but As the season wore on. The bullpen got gassed I. About that and I worry about you know some the arms. I coming in, I mean Pedro stroke did pick up his. First Exhibition win yesterday. We'll talk a little bit about that. But. I think you'll be okay. I think yes. The reds can get to the playoffs in a short and sixty games season. Can you believe that the season opens up later on the week? Reds, first game will be against the Detroit Tigers on Friday. This is so weird. Say I mean. Did you really think we'd have baseball or any sports? Until you know the turn of the new, year? I getting to that point where yeah I was thinking. No, no, we're not gonNa have sports until then. I still hope I'm wrong, and it looks like I will be wrong with you. Know Mls being thing in Florida. We'll talk about that little bit lighter. And the reds opening up season had an exhibition game yesterday against a team. That wasn't another Cincinnati reds team. So I don't know maybe I'm a extreme pessimist on that, but the second question from the sports stance. Will Joe Borough throw for twenty plus touchdowns this season, and will the bengals not finishing last place in the AFC north. Yes, and yes, and here's my reasons why? Joe Burr I. Think is going to be a tremendous quarterback. Course short time in college ball and having his best season last year. How much can you really read into that coming into his work year in the National Football League? been the type of mind. Thank you know. It's not especially football especially if they're going to eighty players on a team. I mean. Joe Borough is one Bangel of that whole squad. He's got gotTA. Have a great year. The offensive line has to do better I mean granted as the year went on last year, considering the bengals finished fourteen, I think the O. Line did get better. Early on that season. Let's talk about that. And also the two and fourteen record yet two wins out of sixteen played, but look most of the losses. They were competitive. There's only a few blowout losses like San. Francisco New Orleans two great teams in the NFL. So I definitely think the bengals will not finish last and I. Thank Joe, Borough. A great year. Pending any injuries happening, mean green if he comes back this year, I think he's GonNa. Do welty Higgins. You know learning from Aj Green who learned from Ocho Cinco. I definitely think yeah. I think the. Bengals are in for a good year. Super Bowl Year. That's not go their. Playoff year. I pretty optimistic on that but again. See how Joe Borough does I want to see how that offensive line I wanna see how the free agents to I think the Bengals have definitely improved. Thanks to the free agent market, which is something that the bengals. Don't really do in their history well especially, since the Mike Brown days began in the Early Nineteen Ninety S. I. I have high hopes for this. BENGALS team. Granted my high hopes don't mean hey. The bengals are going to do well. I just a broadcaster announcer in podcasters giving you my opinion on that. But I definitely think Joe. Borough will throw for twenty plus touchdowns especially, if Greens healthy. Hagan's and I really WANNA. See how drew sample does as tight end. You know especially since Tyler I for is no longer a Bangle Mercy Jacksonville. I think it's Jacksonville, but yes, thank you. Sports stands for those questions and another question. It's time for Mallon's mailbag. No, I don't have to keep playing that sound from my row caster pro putt year now. What I like it! This is the cody Janssen again. All these are from the twelve out sports family. Thank you folks for chipping in some questions. This one's a little bit of the Sunday reach, but I'll take it because you know me, I? Do like sports and this is about hockey.

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