Why is Trumps Campaign Suing a Small Wisconsin TV Station? - burst 7

Trump, Inc.


And donor to president trump hulk Hogan will take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure that all persons and entities who were involved in this are punished to the fullest extent of the Law Hogan backed by -til won the case as a result of the lawsuit, Gawker went bankrupt. We know that started doing work for the trump family in twenty sixteen on lawsuit that Melania trump filed against the British publication, the Daily Mail the Daily Mail ended up retracting their story, apologizing and settling for reported two point nine million dollars, according to the SOCIETAS press. We also know that harder. Did Defense Work for trump? When stormy Daniels claimed trump defamed her, she lost. It appears that a lot of harder work involves responding to unfavorable media stories about the president. He's threatened or taken legal action against author. Michael Wolff Mary, trump. Steve Bannon and Omarosa Manigault, Newman plus news outlets like the New York Times and CNN ABC reported that harder recently sent a letter to Michael Cohen, demanding that he halt writing a tell all book about his work for trump. In late July Co and filed a lawsuit against Attorney General, Bill Bar and the Bureau of prisons, claiming he was sent back to prison quote in retaliation for doing a book about the President the Justice Department has declined to comment. The first trump campaign payment to haarder's firm comes in January two, thousand eighteen. Since then the campaign has paid his firm over three million dollars just for some context. That's more than the Biden. Campaign has spent on legal services. Total what we know about the work that he's doing just for the campaign so again. Campaign finance laws don't require campaigns to disclose much detail about their spending. We know from legal filings that he defended the campaign in a wage discrimination claim brought by a former campaign staffer, who says trump forcibly kissed her the. White House denied this.

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