Use us to Spread Your Gospel - Luke 1:14


Luke Chapter One verses one through four inasmuch as many have undertaken to compile a narrative of the things that have been accomplished among us, just as those who, from the beginning, were eyewitnesses and ministers of the word have delivered them to us. It seemed good to me also having followed all things closely for some time past to write an orderly account for you most excellent theophilus the you may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught. These are the words that Luke writes to open up his Gospel and there's so much here just to unpack. Think through as we get a glimpse into who is what Luke's purposes? Who He's writing, too, but the big picture I want to. Let lead us to pray. Today is luke. Realizing that, he has seen and heard things that he cannot keep to himself. He's saying other people have. told me things have shared things with me. I've talked with eye-witnesses and ministers of the word people who have walked with Jesus people who have seen Jesus do different things and I am undertaking. What turns into twenty four chapters of writing to let us Theophilus No, who Jesus is? What Jesus taught in how Jesus can change your life, I we have this whole book. That is obviously a huge benefit to us. Today has been for followers of Jesus for non-christians for that matter to learn about Jesus throughout centuries, but it was written in the very beginning for one person for Theophilus did the awfulness might know the truth about who Jesus says what Jesus Taught, and how just died on the cross, so that repentance and forgiveness in sensory proclaimed in all nations will get to that in Luke Chapter Twenty Four. But based on this introduction I just want to encourage you. Even as do the same thing in my own mind. Like, think about someone. In Your Life. Who needs to know who Jesus says? Who needs to know what Jesus taught? Who needs to know what Jesus did on the Cross? And, think through okay. Luke sat down. He wrote. A, whole letter as a Gospel account a story of Jesus. So what Mike God be calling you to do. For that person in your mind. Who needs to know about Jesus? Maybe maybe this sitting down writing a letter email her may be actually a handwritten letter to them. Maybe it's calling them. Maybe it's taking them to eight socially distanced lunch or something along those lines. Whatever it might be. Let's just pray that God would use our lives as we know, and have seen the truth about Jesus and his word to make it known to people like the awfulness around us God. We praise you. Not just for who Jesus is and what Jesus done for us. But we praise you for the people. Who have introduced us to Jesus? Thank you for Luke Ho God thank you for him riding this book? Thank you for. Parents! Or grandparents or friends or neighbors or pastors, Church leaders or church members followers of Jesus, who pointed each of us to who Jesus is and what Jesus Taught, and how'd you just died on the cross for our sins that we might have attornal life in him, and we pray that you would use us in the same way in others lives like this week. Oh God. We pray for the people on our minds and our hearts right now. Even as I'm thinking faces and names and. Trust others are. People who. Know you God we pray that you would use our lives our relationships with them. The opportunities you've given us to share about who Jesus is what you just saw what Jesus has done with them. They might have eternal life God gives us. Grace Greenwich Boldness maybe even to sit down. Write a letter. sent an email. Send a taxed even just to say hey, can we get together and talk? God We pray for these people that are on our minds right now that you would bring them to the knowledge of Jesus. Please Oh God use US toward that end and God we would be remiss if we didn't pray at the same time for people. We don't know people who know Christian knows right now. Think about unreached people groups today the rind below Ch- people who live in that Balochistan region at the. Southeastern edge of Pakistan and Iran and Afghanistan and the. Million of them almost exactly one million, no known followers of Jesus among the rind below Ch- God. Please please. Send laborers to make the good news of Jesus known among the below CH- in Pakistan, specifically the rind tribe please Oh God through this for Your glory among them that like Theophilus Day might hear and see who Jesus is. What Jesus has done and experience. We pray your salvation. God help us to make this good news known the Gospel known to people right around us and far from us. We pray in Jesus name.

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