Day 1,330: Trump invokes FDR and compares himself to Churchill at packed rally - burst 19


He won't have time to read the Bob Woodward Book. He's not kidding way to you. Hear him run through his schedule over just portions of the last twenty four hours. You'll want to hear this when we come back. I don't know the book is good or bad I have no idea probably almost definitely will read it because I don't have time to read it. Last thing before we go tonight, that was the president on Sean Hannity last night, and we're guessing modesty prevented him from saying just how busy he really is. It turns out when he gave that interview and the nine pm Eastern time our he was in the middle of a grueling marathon of television viewing. After checking with historians, we can confidently report no president has devoted as much time and effort as Donald Trump has to watching cable news no wonder he doesn't have time to read the Woodward Book Listen to his viewing schedule from last night into this morning.

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