Tuning into Our Breath


Practice. Simple breathing techniques like inhaling through the nose for four count holding our breath for six count and exhaling out the mouth for an eight count. Can have measurable effects on our relaxation response. In fact, let's just do that right now. Just. We're going to just do one just one round where we're going to breathe it in for four hold for six in out for eight. Okay. So. Everybody exhale together. exhale. Now breathing through the nose for four in one, two, three, four, hold your breath for six, two, three, four, five, six, exhale out the mouth for eight three four. Five, six, seven, eight. Even. Just one breath we can feel how the pair sympathetic nervous system that relaxation response. Is affected. So we'll be practicing this method in our facebook live group, this four, six, eight which if you haven't joined the facebook live I encourage you to do. So it's a great way to connect with other meditators in the challenge and to ask any questions you have I'll I'll answer any questions that you have about meditation. But back to the breath now. Why is there so much emphasis placed on the breath in meditation. There's a few reasons, but the principal one is because the breath is what is with us even when we're not aware of it. That is to say is an audit function. This makes the breath the ideal companion on our meditation path because it's so reliable it's always there for us. So I, encourage you to get acquainted with your breath and rely on meditation practices that utilize the breath. Your breath is your ideal ally on the spiritual path. Also, the many scientific studies now show what Yogis and meditators and mystics throughout the ages have known. Focusing on the breath slows down the racine thinking mine because the relaxation response is immediately stimulated when we place our attention on the breath. I often encouraged people when we're practicing mindfulness of breathing. To rest your attention on the breath they're lightly. Like a butterfly landing on a flower, it's very light touch but one that has beautiful results. During the facebook live group, all-share a couple, other breeding techniques and will discuss. Other Meditation Practices. So today's guided Meditations for day three are by a real maestro of meditation. The morning meditation is Who Many of you will know and be very familiar with that's David G. David G shares a beautiful guided morning meditation in his classic style where he brings together. So many gems of instructions into a flow of inspiration, which is an absolutely perfect way to begin your day. The evening meditation is guided by me and we meditate on what I call the spacious out breath. Breath in and out there are slight pauses at the top of the breath and after we exhale. So we use those pauses in our meditation practice we practice resting. Expanding into those pauses in that spacious

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