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Nintendo announced a cool breath of the wild prequel that is a high warrior sequel both the sequel and a Prequel, but it is not the pre sequel borderlands. And of course, Xbox also announced you know the the price and date of the series ass and actually confirmed that box after a week and playstation. PUT UP A blog post yesterday that said we're going to be highlighting PS VR this week, and there won't be ps five announcements now that could. And that could just be related to be. Without. was sure a down note to really start the week on them and the like by the way no ps five stuff. It definitely made me go this week thinking, okay. There's going to be a quiet normal week and then a bunch of stuff leaked or broker was you know a officially announced from the other guys over the weekend but they also put up a a Haiku of. A. Video of from go SUSHILA which I love that game is awesome. I think one of my favorite things about that game is that every time somebody plays it for the first time they flood the timeline with photo mode pictures you're consistently reminded of just how breathtaking and wonderful that game has But. They put up this thing and it was basically just like take some time to relax and was a video of a Haiku and we want to do that. I assure you fans. But if you look at the We are a fever pitch excitement for next Gen right now and I think we just want some news so. If, it's definitely been a weird forty-eight hours. It was funny because this morning as all the series s news was coming out and we will talk about that. I think in conjunction with Sony. But it was funny that like on my trending terms on twitter Sony was the top one on my list like it was not xbox Sony and that's like now there is this question, the room of like Yes for those who didn't see it xbox confirmed this series ashes real thing they confirm the price of it at. To Ninety nine and the release date November tenth, they didn't say anything about the series ax which is weird to me that after all these months, they would only reveal the lower price system that they hadn't talked about officially in any capacity, but we're leaking via like inserts in controller boxes right but not not the box that they've been advertising to you is the thing to buy. They still haven't told us anything about that Yeah, which is crazy because it's like we have been in this game of chicken for. Ten months now I mean yeah. Yeah if you think about the the the. Series It was revealed that the game awards last year in December gressier and. That day or I would say that or this this entire generation, we've had a pretty good idea that the PS five was a thing or was going to be thing. And so he spent this entire year in this you know cat and mouse game of chicken nonsense between the prices in over the weekend somebody leaked the series s price and release date forcing Microsoft's hand at I believe three, am yeah. Redmond that Yeah. Sorry. Yeah. Like props to that social team at like three. AM The they just tweeted out like one of those means like, oh Yeah about that, and then they official information and then they came with Mike they reacted so much more quickly than I would think a major corporation could act three at three am on a Monday on Labor Day holiday weekend. Yeah. Most people were asleep Europe was wide awake and ready to rock and roll. So if They officially announced the the price and everything, but we also got the release date, which is crazy to me because that is like leaker has finally forced the hand of the next Gen console conversation to begin for the first time in now six th whatever eight weeks away from when this hood. Considerably come out and said, that's an November tenth, and so that is I believe like the first possible. I like next date we have at Sony could either. Cut off as before or come after like. It gets super weird. Now it's so strange. So like looking at this as just a random like, let me do the math of my calendar November. Tenth is a Tuesday. We have seen consuls release on Fridays so. I don't the weird thing about xbox not announcing the release of the series acts, which is frontier purposes the like the competitor to the PS five the two things that we're seeing go head to head. I. Think Series SS planning to a different market and we can talk about whether or not that will end up in their favor but that's releasing on a Tuesday. It would be weird to me if they're like the series XS out Friday on the thirteenth. Right, I would assume they're going to be the same day but I don't know my guest then is like I'm i. Pretty confidently, I'm going to stick with the idea that Sony goes to the week after. which is that's kind of where I'm at the Sixteen Sixteenth through the twentieth. So either seventeen to the twentieth would be it's still before the shopping rush that occurs around Thanksgiving North America. or in the US so. It's before all that it's before cyber Monday it's still gets them to like be within that conversation, but it also gives them as much time as possible before that. Right I mean I. I, don't. Will a couple of things? One I think you're spot on a to it's weird to see a console launch on a Tuesday like you said I don't know if historically that's happened before I remember being really annoyed growing up in New Jersey because we this thing called the Blue Law which meant that you couldn't most most stores in our county or closed on Sunday sort of like in an observation of. Religion but also because a lot of people just didn't want to deal with New Jersey. Traffic and so people who aren't even you know religious like my dad would vote for this

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