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Was not connecting with enough people name stuck it up the balloons. The worse on. Yeah I mean I think. Even dating back to when he originally played those two times he was he was a nice guy and even those who voted him our hated to see him go. But like you said, that was social not social game I think that's a very good way to phrase it because the other players were smart enough to know that they couldn't allow their personal feelings to interview interfere with their plans. Right they were focused on how is this going to affect my game and everyone wants case or to go home so I'm not going to put my neck out on the line for somebody that I really like is going to negatively affect my game and that was not something that we necessarily in case there. Are the sixth rule warns against being too much of a threat and he was seen as one from the moment he walked into the house especially alongside Chanel. Indeed, there was a debate among the ruling alliance about which of them should go first cody pushed for case, are because quite frankly case was too smart for him. Even just in the way he talked you know you could. You could see cody like the whom? I mean it sounds like an inferiority

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