Episode 09 - Carnacki: Gateway of the Monster - Stay Out of the Gray Room


Well now, that looks right as rain. A bit of Polish always does the trick. Find work by do say so myself. Emma. Howard things coming along. Almost done Mr Welsby Sir I'll accept the locked room at the end. That's quite all right. I handled that particular myself. That's with the. Reputation is it we don't discuss it in this house. And I'll thank you as the newest addition to the staff to do the same. Sounds quite scandalous. The word. A great big house like this be without a few secrets. Yes, sir. That's enough today I think finish what you were working on and then head home for the back. I'll just grab my cleaning basket. Give it a last one sulfur before I had down. Good night Mr Welsby. Where did I leave my basket? I swear had misplaced my own hands if they weren't screwed on. They were. Shame the big old house like this. No one living in it. You. Know account for the rich I guess. Do you. Scared me. Blow Hello Mr. Did you need something. Mr Wilson. Mr Welsby. Did. You want me to take care of that last matter all. Well. He. Wouldn't have locked it if he didn't want me giving at least a touch up. I don't know what all the fuss was about. Doing could use a modern touches all. The only thing scandalous is these bedclothes. Dunham about all Willy Nilly. Let's make you up meeting. Pretty. How Odd I could have sworn. The window must have been open from the. AMMO. Still here. Here. God.

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